Best Online Sportsbook Bonus Offers: USA edition (2021)

This is our pick of the top betting sites available to US bettors in .

Best of the Sportsbooks Available in the USA

  • Bet365
  • BetMGM
  • William Hill
  • FanDuel
  • DraftKings

Bet365 – King of the Pack

Bet365 is one of the world leaders when it comes to sports betting and it has a presence in different countries around the world. Bet365 are not known for their bonuses, but there are several reasons to sign up with this platform, which is regarded with high reputation among bettors around the world. The sports coverage is excellent as mainstream and niche sports are given extensive importance. There are additional features like live streaming and Cash Out that take the betting experience to a new height.

BetMGM – Strong Reputation along with Bonuses

betMGM risk free bet sign up offer

The rich gambling experience possessed by BetMGM is apparent in almost every section of the platform. It is due to the presence of land-based casinos and more options. The welcome offer of $500, which is provided as a risk-free bet, is a great way to get started. Once beyond this offer, existing users also get a decent round of the promotional offers. The reputation of the brand is stellar and it is backed up by support through many options. Furthermore, bettors have the luxury of placing funds through different payment options.

William Hill – Excellent Reputation and Coverage

William Hill enjoys a fabulous reputation as one of the oldest gambling destinations in the world. The strong presence exhibited by William Hill in Europe is carried over to the US shores. Even though some of the products available for European customers do not make their way to the US platforms, William Hill still makes a great place for placing sports bets due to the sheer quality of market coverage and prices on offer. Even though William Hill has a limited presence in different states, the brand has slowly been expanding its operations.

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FanDuel – Excellent All-Rounder

FanDuel is a brand that has gained a huge amount of popularity for its Daily Fantasy Sports action. Now, however, it has become favourite amongst sports bettors due to the brilliant betting section on offer. A better will be able to receive opportunities to place a wager on a large number of sports – including the popular American leagues and tournaments like NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB. The presence of a casino section also adds to their advantage. FanDuel may not be outstanding with bonuses, but the user interface stands out as the best in the business by a huge margin. The user interface looks great whether betting from a mobile or the desktop.

DraftKings – Plenty of Bonuses

DraftKings is a leading provider of sports betting opportunities and Daily Fantasy Sports titles. The entertainment opportunities on this platform have steadily grown over the last few years. In keeping with the rise in popularity, DraftKings has also entered into different states around the United States. Now, it operates in multiple states like New Jersey and West Virginia. The entry of sports betting into the DraftKings has been a milestone, as it provided a perfect complement for the Daily Fantasy Sports section. All users who sign up with DraftKings will be treated to a large platform that has many bonuses and several customer support options.

How to Choose a Great Site for Sports Betting in the USA?

The process of picking a sportsbook can indeed be difficult in the USA considering the different rules and regulations, terms and conditions, and products that are offered in different states. The rules differ from one state to the other. Yet, there are some common elements that help make the choice without confusion. The first among them would be the bonuses on offer. A sportsbook will typically provide many bonuses to players, but not all of these bonuses are the same.

Different Types of Bonuses on Offer

Deposit Bonus

sports bonus deposit offer

This is the most common type of bonus is provided in the world of sports betting. The deposit made by a player is matched at a specific percentage to determine the quantity of bonus. The match is usually done for the first deposit, but there are also instances where even the second and third deposits would be covered – albeit at a lower rate. For example, a sportsbook comes out with an offer of a 100% deposit bonus up to a maximum of $100. If a player comes in with a $50 deposit, they would receive $50 as a bonus. However, a player coming in with a $200 deposit will only receive $100 in bonus.

No-deposit Bonus

This bonus is typically small in size to the tune of $10 or $20. However, it would be available to a bettor without making any deposit. All it takes to claim the offer would be registration with the platform. The wagering requirements offered by this bonus is unlikely to be huge, as is commonly hovers around 1x or 2x. This is due to the smaller size of the bonus.

Reload Bonus

This is a bonus that is made available for existing players depending on the deposits that they add to the account. It is very similar to a welcome offer where users receive a portion of the deposit as a bonus. Unlike the welcome offer, though, users will not be receiving a huge chunk of the deposit. Still, it is very valuable.

Insurance Bets

A sportsbook may provide an offer where a bet made by a player will be refunded if it ends in a defeat. This is subject to terms and conditions, as they would not be typically more than a specific figure. At the same time, users also have to be wary of the markets where they place bets. This bonus allows a bettor to take a bet with utmost confidence, as it would be refunded if it loses. This bonus is also available only if the bet loses. A player would not receive any bonus if the bet ended up as a success.

Loyalty Bonus

It is common for USA sportsbooks to provide rewards for loyalty. If a player has been engaging with a specific sportsbook for a longer period of time, they might be able to take advantage of a loyalty program. If it is available, users are likely to be placed in different tiers with their rewards based on their tier.

Various Terms that Impact Bonus’ Worth

The bonuses are one of the excellent elements of joining up with a sportsbook and they provide a great opportunity to experience the world of sports betting without much risk to the hard-earned money. Yet, some key elements have to be kept in mind when trying to choose a betting operator based on bonuses.

The bonuses would often come with wagering requirements that have to be met within a specific period of time before being eligible for withdrawal. If not, the bonus amount and any wins that have been created by the bonus would go out of the pocket.

The objective of a bonus differs and users should focus on the fine print. Most of the sportsbook bonuses would require a player to wager the bonus at least once. For example, if a player receives a $10 bonus, a $10 bet has to be placed with the bonus. Only the wins generated by this bet can be withdrawn.

How to Choose the Best Bonus Offer

The process of choosing the best offer is based on many parameters. The user has to focus on the type of bonus that is very suitable to their requirements. For someone who wants to be an active member of the platform with multiple bets every week, a loyalty bonus makes a lot of sense. If a user wants to try out a platform, the deposit bonus or risk-free bet would be a better pick. This helps them analyse the options at a betting operator without risking money.

It is important for bettors to look at the wagering requirements so that they are not getting unnecessary shocks after signing up. The play-through requirements can have a major impact on the returns that can be generated by a bonus. A 2x play-through requirement will require a player to wager the bonus twice before it can be withdrawn while a 1x requirement forces users to wager just once before it can be withdrawn. The impact is profound and it is always better to choose a bonus that has low requirements.

Steps and Techniques Involved in Creating Account for Betting on Sports

The signup process at a sportsbook is unlikely to be very complicated going by the examples set by the operators. However, potential users can expect to input a decent amount of information, as betting laws in the United States are very strict about player and location verification.

As a result, a user can expect to come up with details like name, address, date of birth, gender, and more. The biggest difference compared to sportsbooks in other parts of the world would be a need to enter the Social Security Number. The user may have the last four digits, but it has a significant outcome in the signup process. If the details provided do not match the government records or information on the verification documents, a user will not be able to place bets.

FAQs regarding the Best Betting Sites in the USA

What is the minimum age required for a player to register with a sportsbook in the USA?

The betting laws in the United States are not common and they differ from one state to the other. Some states may have a different minimum age than others, but it is standard to see a minimum age requirement of 18-21.

Is it possible to place bets from a mobile device?

mobile betting apps

Yes, online gambling laws in the United States are very favourable for a mobile bettor. There are some states like Tennessee where mobile and online betting are the only options available.

Can a player claim bonuses when betting from mobile?

Yes, there are no restrictions when it comes to claiming bonuses unless otherwise specified.

Can players expect mobile-specific bonuses?

There are instances where sportsbooks have provided only for mobile users, but these are far and few between. The promotions page of a sportsbook will provide information about mobile-specific bonuses.

How long does it take for bonuses to get credited?

A sportsbook bonus is usually credited within 24 hours to 72 hours after the completion of the qualifying bet. There are also instances where instant credit of the bonus also takes place.

Are sportsbooks safe for betting in the USA?

A sportsbook operates in the United States only after having gone through strict licensing procedures. These are considered extremely safe for betting on sports.

Can bettors receive statistics?

This depends on the individual sportsbook and options that are offered by the platform. Some sportsbooks provide basic statistics on every match that is covered by the betting platform, while some bookmakers like Bet365 go one better by offering live streaming service.

What are the payment options that a player could receive?

The gambling scene in the United States is tightly controlled with a lot of regulations. As a result, one can expect sportsbooks to offer only a handful of payment options. These range from credit cards to e-wallets.

Are there any fees for using a sports betting platform?

No, users need not pay fees for using the betting platform. The platforms take their revenue from a small margin placed on the odds.

Can bettors place a wager on non-sporting events?

The option of placing bets on non-sporting events like elections and TV shows is legal in some states. However, a vast majority of the regions in the US do not encourage sportsbooks to offer non-sporting events as part of their coverage.

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