Sports Betting Options in Indiana – Features, Legality, and More

Indiana has become a hotbed for betting in different spots ever since a signature changed the status of the industry in 2019. After Gov Eric Holcomb made betting legal in 2019, a number of casino interests have shifted to this segment. The casinos have also started introducing betting facilities in almost all of their retail gambling spots. Furthermore, one can also use the Internet to access the gaming and betting sections from a mobile device or computer.

Welcome Offers and Other Options at Legal Sports Betting Sites

The sportsbooks are a relatively new phenomenon in the state of Indiana after being granted access only in 2019. Still, this competition makes it very difficult for sportsbooks to stay ahead of the queue, but this is possible by virtue of offering bonuses that differ in terms of value, restrictions, and other parameters.

Live Status of Online Betting Sites

Draftkings Sportsbook indiana

In order to stand eligible for conducting operations in Indiana, sportsbooks should have a partnership with a land-based casino. This requirement has meant that sportsbooks have been entering into Indiana only with a partnership. So far, all the popular names have made an entry. They include:

The advantage certainly lies with early movers like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetRivers. All these brands entered into the Indiana State with their betting portfolio in October 2019.

Indiana Sportsbooks in the Pipeline

A number of casinos and sportsbooks are interested in the likelihood of setting up their operations in Indiana. One of the first will be Majestic Star which will be taking on the likes of Hard Rock, which is a brand that has been established to take advantage of customers who step in from Illinois. The Hard Rock sportsbook is available in New Jersey as a result of a partnership with GIG (Gaming Innovation Group). Only a small number of casinos have been able to declare their partnerships and this leaves the scope for seeing many more betting options in the state of Indiana.

Casinos with Sportsbook in Indiana

There are a handful of casinos in Indiana and they must provide their partnership to online sportsbooks in such a way that they are allowed to operate without any issues. The prospect of one sports betting partner teaming up with multiple casinos is also quite common in this state. For example, FanDuel operates with a license thanks to the partnership with Belterra casino resort and Blue Chip casino. The partnership is also made in the form of offering expertise in sports betting or just the technology. Caesars Sports has a long list of partnerships that includes the likes of Harrah’s Hoosier Park, Winner’s Circle Clarksville, Winner’s Circle Indianapolis, and Indiana Grand Racing & Casino.

Introduction of Legal Sports Betting in Indiana

The attempts to legalise betting in Indiana began in 2017. However, the bill was not passed until 2018. This paved way for a huge introduction of retail sportsbooks into the state. After many regulatory reviews, the bets were being placed in September 2019. Even though retail betting had begun, Indiana did not bring in mobile betting option a month after the official start. The legalisation of sports betting in Indiana through a bill now allows off-track betting facilities and state casinos to come up with retail sportsbooks. As a result, there are 13 casinos along with the three off-track betting facilities have the license to create sportsbooks. It is possible that there could be more than 40 betting sites in Indiana in the coming years.

Legal Status of Betting on Sports in IN

Indiana has been very conservative when it comes to the views towards gambling. As a result, players have been able to experience a number of gambling options like never before. After the entry of riverboat casinos and government-run lottery schemes, the commercial gaming properties increased and this was made in tandem with the increased betting options across the United States. After betting was made legal in 2018, the regulators had a proactive approach when it comes to making things a lot better. The Indiana Gaming Commission is the regulatory authority that deals with gambling operators in the state.

More Details about the Betting Markets

Coverage of Various Sports and Tournaments

The Indian Gaming Commission (IGC) has a list of sports that can be covered by an operator. This list features 19 sports and many other events. The key options available are football, hockey, soccer, tennis, bowling, basketball, baseball, golf, and auto racing. In terms of niche sports, bettors will be able to find markets on Olympics, sailing, lacrosse, darts, and more. Even if an operator wants to introduce a sports betting market that is not on the list of 19 sports, they can request to build option with the Gaming Commission. Crucially, it is even possible to place bets on league drafts for different competitions like NBA, NFL, MLB,and more. The bets begin at the end of each round.

Are Players Banned from Wagering on Some Sports?

Indiana online MLB betting

There are no major restrictions when it comes to betting capabilities in Indiana. One of the few limitations would be in the futures betting segment, as it is not possible to place bets once the votes have been cast. Furthermore, Indiana’s rules and regulations are also quite strict about in-play bets. This results in a lack of options surrounding in-play player props. The collegiate and professional sporting events are also limited only to the natural game limits.

There are some European sportsbooks where e-Sports betting opportunities are provided, but Indiana does not allow bets on e-Sports. The state also does not allow bets to be placed on amateur athletes who are less than 18 years of age.

How to Start an Account on the Platform?

The process of getting an online sports betting account in Indiana is very easy. After having made the choice of the sportsbook, bettors have to step into the home page and look for the signup page. This will initiate the registration where personal details have to be entered. A user will also be given the opportunity to choose a screen name along with a password. After having made a deposit, a better can begin the process of betting with the platform. However, it is important to verify details like identity and age before being able to take out the wins. If a user is already has a sports betting account in other states, they cannot be used in Indiana.

Different Betting Types Offered to Customers

The presence of fast data feed within most of the sportsbooks increase the opportunities for a bettor. Compared with an offshore operator who is traditionally slow to come up with the changes in the market, the sports betting experience provided by Indiana sportsbooks can be very fast. This has obvious advantages in the live betting section, but there are a number of opportunities in pre-match markets. The top betting types provided to the customer are:


This is a betting tip that is very simple as bettors are only required to predict the result of an event. This is a straightforward market that will come with a clear set of odds, which can be displayed in multiple formats. If the user succeeds in the bet, they pick up returns at the agreed prices.


This is a common betting type among the experienced bettors, as it works by bringing together a series of bets to form a single wager. Rather than place multiple bets, this can be a lot more convenient for the bettor, as they will be placing just one bet. However, all selections have to succeed and this risk means that odds are much higher than a standard bet.


This betting type provides the power of being able to predict long-term events. Typically, bettors would have the option of placing bets on tournament winners, best players, and more. The regulations in Indiana have some minor limits in this category. It is possible to take bets until the votes are placed. Once the votes are placed, it is not possible to place futures bets even before the result.

Live Betting

The world of online sportsbooks has witnessed a proliferation of in-play betting options. The live betting section, as it is referred to in Europe, has great popularity in other states across the United States. For example, it accounts for more than 60% of the bets in New Jersey. However, Indiana is still in the infancy when it comes to live betting options and this could be due to the many restrictions that are in place. For example, it is prohibited to place limits on college player props. There are also similar restrictions when it comes to the collegiate and professional in-play bets.

What are the Steps to Wager at the Casino?

The online sportsbooks are not the only option available in Indiana when trying to place bets on sporting events, as the off-beat racetracks and casinos are a great way to experience bets. However, users must stick with a couple of steps before being able to place bets. For example, a user must be at least 21 years old before they are allowed to gamble or place wagers. They should also be within the state of Indiana.

Choice of Betting from Mobile or Desktop

There are no restrictions in Indiana when it comes to the availability of mobile betting opportunities. Depending on a user’s mobile or tablet, there are apps for Android and Apple devices. The process of opening an account is all the same, but the difference comes about in the installation of these apps. Usually, the sportsbook will be providing relevant links that would help users get the official apps without having to search around the Internet.

Indiana Sports Betting FAQ

What is the legal age to bet in the state?

Indiana has a minimum age limit of 21 for being able to bet on sports.

What are the betting opportunities are available for players?

online horse racing betting in Indiana (IN)

There are three major options for bettors who want to back sporting events of players. They are inside racetracks, casinos, and off-track betting options. One can also go with online versions of sportsbooks.

Is it possible to bet in Indiana even when the user is a resident of the state?

Now, but it is possible to place bets when residents of other states travel into the boundaries of Indiana. There is no requirement for residency to place bets. Instead, users have to be within state limits.

Who is responsible for regulating the betting activities in the state?

Indiana Gaming Commission is responsible for overseeing the betting activities in the state. It controls all the gambling operations of online and land-based casinos.

Is there any restriction on the sports available to bet on?

Indiana is generally relaxed when it comes to betting options. A total of 19 sports are already preapproved for betting, but sportsbooks can request for an increment of the list as per their wish.

Who can apply for a sportsbook licence?

As of now, the process of getting a sportsbook license is available only with casinos that have a valid license. There is also an option of the casino tying up with a sports betting operator to provide betting platforms.

Are there enough laws to help people recover from gambling problems?

Yes, there are options within Indiana State gambling laws that allow players to recover from gambling problems. As part of the support to responsible gambling, users get options like voluntary exclusion, telephone helpline, and more.

Is it possible to play Daily Fantasy Sports in the state?

The Daily Fantasy Sports section is legal in Indiana. All users are given the eligibility to take part in these games, which are offered by operators like FanDuel and DraftKings.