Online Sports Betting in Pennsylvania – Markets, Bet Types, Legality, and More

Pennsylvania is one of the first places where online sports betting began in significant numbers. Now, the state has several sportsbooks that provide bettors with the opportunity to place wagers on different sports.

Legality of Sports Betting Sites and Welcome Offers

Pennsylvania has a large presence of sportsbooks that are in strong contention with each other. All bettors have the benefit of being able to pick up attractive welcome offers from legal betting destinations. These sportsbooks happen to be accredited and governed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

Status of Betting Sites Currently Online

A strong number of online sportsbooks are available in Pennsylvania thanks to an association between Pennsylvania racetracks and casinos along with operators like DraftKings, FanDuel, and more. The vast majority of bets in Pennsylvania are placed online. The key betting sites are:

  • SugarHouse
  • BetRivers
  • Parx Casino
  • FanDuel
  • DraftKings
  • Unibet
  • FOX Bet
  • Caesars
  • BetAmerica
  • William Hill

These sportsbooks are able to come about as a result of partnership with many casinos. The casinos that are in operation include the likes of Rivers Casino, Valley Forge, Presque Isle, Harrah’s Philadelphia, Hollywood Casino, The Meadows, and more.

Upcoming Sportsbook Options in PA

There is a tremendous amount of potential when it comes to sportsbooks in Pennsylvania, as many more launches could happen in the future. There are operators with licence who have not yet launched their operations, while many more are yet to apply. It is highly likely that some of the games that could enter the sports betting fraternity are:

  • Presque Isle Downs Casino
  • Mohegan Sun Pocono
  • Stadium Park Casino
  • Sands Bethlehem
  • Mount Airy Casino

The direction that Meadows Casino and Lady Luck Nemacolin could take depends on the scenario of the sports betting segment going forward. At the same time, it is unlikely that Golden Nugget and MGM Resorts are likely to launch their operations unless some rule changes take place.

PA Casinos That Have Sportsbooks

There are several casinos that have a sports betting licence that can be used for retail sportsbooks. As of now, six out of the seven PA casinos come with this capability. They are:

  • Hollywood Casino at the Penn National Race Course
  • Rivers Casino
  • SugarHouse Casino
  • Parx Casino
  • Harrah’s Philadelphia
  • Valley Forge Casino
  • Presque Isle Downs Casino

Furthermore, there are off-track betting facilities that are available in two of the Parx-operated sportsbooks. In total, there are eight sportsbooks that are available in the casinos.

Launch of Legal Sports Betting Venues

The world of sports betting became legal in Pennsylvania in 2018. This caused a massive influx of casinos that teamed up with technical partners to start retail and online sportsbooks. However, betting in Pennsylvania was legal to a great extent even before 2018. It was only after Supreme Court quashed a federal ban that prevented betting outside Nevada that the world of betting started getting a major influx in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania lawmakers have been pushing for more casino operations in the state even as early as in 2010. The growth in the betting market is likely to be tremendous in the coming years, as many licenses are yet to be fulfilled while many casinos are yet to apply for sportsbooks.

Various Laws That Govern Sports Betting in PA

The entry of sports betting laws in Pennsylvania came out of the blue. The gambling expansion in 2017 is seen as one of the key factors that led to the launch of sportsbooks in 2018. There are some key facets of the governing law and they have a major say in terms of the products are available to bettors. It is not possible to bet on any other event apart from sports. In European markets and in some states across the US, there is an option for sportsbooks to take wagers on elections and awards shows. Yet, this is not possible in the state of Pennsylvania. Furthermore, users cannot bet on e-Sports.

There is a strong restriction on players, coaches, or officials concerned with a particular sport from being able to take part in the betting scenario. A user should also be 21 years and above to bet in the state.

More on the Pennsylvania Sports Betting Market and its Functions

What are the Leagues and Sports Betting Options?

pennsylvania sports bettingPennsylvania sportsbooks are given a lot of freedom when it comes to being able to support different sports. It is possible to bet on college and professional leagues on different sports. It is common to come across focus on hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and tennis. A good selection of horse racing action is also covered by the sportsbooks. Pennsylvania is the home to many franchises like Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Flyers and more. Unsurprisingly, there is a great deal of attention in sports that comprise of these franchises. The NCAA programs also happen to have a good selection of Pennsylvania sports franchises and these would be covered as well.

What types of bets are offered?


A bettor will be backing teams to pick up victories in this bet type. The odds of a win for each team are available before placing a bet and the returns do not vary if a success is achieved. This is one of the most common types of betting practised by bettors and it is ideal for newcomers. The risk involved is manageable, but the returns are also on the lower side.


Rather than just bet on a single match, bettors have the option of bringing together several selections into a parlay. These selections can also be from the same match. Essentially, it is multiple selections brought into one. A bettor will be increasing the odds of success by bringing more selections into the fold, but this also increases the risk.


This type of bet is also available in some sportsbooks in PA and it allows backing of teams to pick up victories by a certain margin. It is possible to pick up the favourite or underdog based on their odds. The odds are given in such a way that both teams start on a level playing field.


The futures market is a key part of any betting platform as it provides bettors with the opportunity to place wagers on events that are far away in conclusion. Rather than placing bets on individual games, this time tends to focus on the tournaments and leagues. These can be quite profitable even on a small stake.

Live Betting

The concept of live betting is to provide bettors with the opportunity to place wagers on games that are taking place live. The markets provided in this section tend to focus on short-term events apart from the possibility of wagering on the game result. Even though this section is very popular in Europe and in other parts of the United States, Pennsylvania bettors are slightly at a disadvantage due to the smaller events. The quantity of live markets provided by online sportsbooks is slightly higher compared to the in-game wagers provided by land-based sportsbooks.

Are there restrictions for betting on certain games/sports?

There are not many disadvantages for bettors when trying to place money on sports in Pennsylvania. The gambling policy does not allow an individual to place bets on e-Sports. This is quite a disadvantage considering that many bookmakers in Europe are starting to embrace this category. The sportsbooks are also prevented from offering markets on non-sporting events. For example, it is common to come across markets on election outcomes or TV shows in some parts of the world, but these have no place in the Pennsylvania betting scene.

How to sign up with a platform?

The process of sign up with a Pennsylvania site begins with opening of the registration page where users get the opportunity to input a lot of details. These details are essential for verification purposes and it is important to make sure that they are as accurate as possible. The details requested may vary from one sportsbook to the other, but some of the common options are names, physical address, Social Security number, and more.

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How to place wagers and bets in casinos?

The process of placing bets at a retail sportsbook in the casino can be quite enjoyable but different compared to the online betting experience. There are several physical casinos that have provided betting windows for players. There are betting options in six out of the seven casinos present in Pennsylvania. The horse racing betting opportunities are also immense when it comes to off-track betting facilities. As a result of possessing many sportsbooks, Pennsylvania is in a very good shape even if the likes of some casinos have not yet brought about betting destinations.

What are the mobile and online betting options?

Pennsylvania does not have any restrictions when it comes to betting from mobile devices. In fact, bettors are urged to make their wagers from a mobile device or desktop. The experience derived from these platforms is quite different compared to the traditional formats. However, they are able to enhance betting experience significantly with many new markets and betting possibilities. For example, the in-play bets have become an integral part of the sportsbook and their popularity is expected to soar in the coming years.

There are two major platforms for mobile and tablet devices. It is common for almost every sportsbook to provide an app for Apple and Android devices even if a vast majority of the users make use of the former. The process of getting these apps differs between the two operating systems, but PA sportsbooks are likely to provide the basic instructions that are necessary for novice users.

Pennsylvania Sports Betting FAQs

philadelphia NFL betting

Is the money safe?

Unlike offshore betting sites that can be considered unsafe, the sportsbooks in Pennsylvania are regulated and authorised by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

Is it safe to bet with offshore sites?

The offshore betting sites violate a lot of federal and state laws. It is easy for bettors to get into trouble for utilising offshore betting sites to place bets. It is important to choose sportsbooks that are legally acknowledged by the PGCB.

What are the next options?

A number of betting options are likely to be available in the next few years. This would mean a lot of choices for the bettor. Apart from betting on sports, the industry could very well include online casinos and poker gaming options.

What types of payment options are supported?

Pennsylvania comes with many options to place funds into the account. There is support for credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer, and e-wallets like PayPal.

What are the support options available?

It is common to encounter sportsbooks coming up with at least three different modes of customer support. A user can get assistance through live chat, email, and phone. It is common for some sportsbooks to skip on the direct telephone line feature.

Is it necessary to turn on location when betting from mobile devices?

Yes, this is a necessary step since the sportsbook has to confirm that the player is indeed from the state of Pennsylvania when placing the wager.

What qualifies a player to be part of a sportsbook?

Any player who is in the state boundaries of Pennsylvania has the right to become part of the sportsbooks in the state as long as they are 21 years and above.

Who is in charge of regulating the sports betting industry in Pennsylvania?

The sports betting fraternity in Pennsylvania is governed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. This body has a jurisdiction over all betting operations in the state of PA.

Is there support for responsible gambling features?

The responsible gambling games a lot of support from PA sportsbooks, who would offer features like self-exclusion and deposit limits for players.

What are the safety measures taken up by the sports books?

All sportsbooks will employ encryption technologies so that information is not captured or leaked to third parties. It is also possible for some brands to use high-end firewalls.