Online Betting on Sports in West Virginia – Options and Features

West Virginia officially entered into the world of sports betting in 2018 once it was made illegal. The Mountain State is one of the five destinations in the United States where betting on sports is legal.

Legal Sports Betting Sites and Welcome Offers

Since West Virginia became a destination for betting on sports with legal rights, a number of sports betting sites have been launched in the state. These sites come with the added bonus of being able to benefit users with sizeable welcome offers.

Online Betting Sites that are Live

There has been a proliferation of online sportsbooks in WV since the state declared sports betting as legal in August 2018. The race to offer betting markets in West Virginia was headed by land-based casinos with the sportsbooks, but there has been a decent addition of online betting sites in recent times. FanDuel entered into the online betting space in WV as the first operator in August 2019. It was followed by DraftKings, while BetMGM also made its foray in 2020. FanDuel and BetMGM have entered into the market with The Greenbrier acting as the land-based partner.

Upcoming Sportsbooks in WV

Once sports betting became legal in West Virginia, a raft of in-state casinos started operations. However, the likes of Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack and Mardi Gras Casino have went out of operation due to problems with technical aspects. Once these are sorted out, they are expected to return back into the fold. The betting scenario in WV is only expected to kickstart as many players who have presence in other states like BetRivers and Bet365 enter into the scenario.

West Virginia Casinos That Have Sportsbooks

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West Virginia has five in-state casinos that were provided a license to carry out retail sports betting in their locations. These are:

Among these options, Wheeling Island and Mardi Gras were able to enjoy the retail betting platform for a while before being shut down due to technical issues. The two properties have since been able to bring in betting windows at their physical locations.

Launch of Legal Sports Betting in WV

The aim to legalise sports betting has been carried out in West Virginia for several years, but the efforts finally gave fruits in 2018 when the Supreme Court announced a verdict in favour of legalising sports betting. This led to the launch of the WV Lottery Commission, which is in charge of regulating the entire industry. The drafts for the different suppliers and casinos were started almost immediately as the industry was very keen on meeting the overwhelming demand for betting opportunities during the 2018-19 NFL campaign. Ultimately, West Virginia was able to complete the task before the deadline.

Immediately after being legalised, Hollywood Casino at Charles Town became the first to take bets. They were quickly followed by Greenbrier. For those who were looking for online opportunities, FanDuel and DraftKings were able to step into the picture with resounding success.

What is the Sports Betting Legality in WV?

The gambling operations in West Virginia are governed by the West Virginia Lottery Commission. The first State lottery to go on sale was in January 1986. Since then, there have been many instances where lottery tickets have been sold at various terminals. For a major chunk, lottery tickets remained as the key gambling opportunity before poker and table games were legalised in 2007. This led to a number of changes in the last decade with daily fantasy sports being made legal in 2016. Yet, the major change came about in 2018 when betting on sports was made legal after a Supreme Court decision.

More on the West Virginia Sports Betting Market

What about the coverage of different sports?

The most popular betting option in West Virginia is undoubtedly football and it is not a surprise given the popularity of the sport across the United States. The lack of a top sports franchise in the state means that bettors are often rooting for the franchises in other states. In this regard, Pittsburgh Steelers have a major popularity in the state. This effectively increases the focus on football, which is tremendous with the coverage going deep and wide. Another sport that is very common amongst bettors in WV is horse racing. Apart from the online betting activity, the four in-state casinos provide live racing events due to the presence of a racetrack.

At the same time, bettors have the opportunity for wagering money on sports that enjoy global popularity like tennis, golf, and soccer.

Is there a ban on players from placing bets on certain sports?

No, WV sportsbooks do not stop a player from betting on certain sports. The sportsbooks in this state happen to cover almost every major sporting event within the state, within the country, and across the globe. The lack of limitations does mean that bettors have a wide availability of options.

How to register on the platforms?

The process of registering with a WV sportsbook involves supplying a lot of information that has to be accurate and up-to-date. The user will typically be asked information about name, phone number, address, email address, and social security number. The registration process is likely to be robust with a verification procedure for weeding out bots and spammers. During this process, users have to confirm that they comply with the various terms and conditions put forward by the sportsbook. It is very unusual for users to be asked for bank information during the registration process. If a user is concerned about any safety issues, they can stop registration straight away.

What kind of betting options are available?

WV sportsbooks are rich in terms of the opportunities that they provide to a bettor. Some of the different types of bets available are:

Point Spreads

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This is a unique betting category where the success is based on the margin of win. Rather than predicting the outcome of the game, bettors have to come up with a prediction of the points or any margin number concerned with the market. The returns are decided based on the proximity of the prediction. While this bet type can increase rewards substantially compared to a regular betting system, this bet type also involves a lot of risk.


This is a bet type that will be useful for bettors when it is difficult to separate two teams based on results. The estimate will be for the type of offence that both teams will have the field. One of the common totals bet will be to back the total points scored by a specific team or total points scored by both teams.


Futures are the bet type that involves in prediction of long-term outcomes of games and tournaments. This can be a particularly rewarding market, but there is also a risk of the bet being declared void due to the league being cancelled. The number of futures options can have a big impact in the choice of a bookmaker.


This is a common betting type that does not involve backing the outcome of a match or game. Instead, it will be focused on partial achievements within the game. These are very popular as they can provide sizeable returns while involving less risk.


Parlays are a favourite among experienced bettors as it involves a number of selections rolled up into one bet so that the odds are significantly higher. The different legs of the parlay determine the overall price, but it will be substantially higher than going with multiple individual bets. Furthermore, many sportsbooks in WV tend to provide special offers for parlays.

Live Bets

West Virginia is a specialist when it comes to live betting with many bookmakers providing this option. The live bets can be used to predict the outcome of the game or go with partial results and achievements. The technological advancements in the world of betting have made it possible to experience live bets to a greater likelihood.

How to place a wager at a casino?

The casinos in West Virginia come with a number of betting and gambling options. Due to the presence of race tracks, some of the land based casinos are able to offer horse racing betting opportunities in a huge way. The user can make use of many deposit options to start adding casino funds, which can then be used number of ways. Due to the availability of casino gaming and sports betting opportunities at these land-based casinos, the user is not left short of opportunities to utilise the funds and place a wager.

How to bet from a desktop or mobile interface?

The choices available for an online sportsbook in WV are limited, but bettors still have the possibility of betting from different interfaces – mobile and desktop. As per their convenience, users will be able to bet from the desktop site, which offers more screen real estate and less scrolling. The mobile betting option comes in handy when not in front of their desks as they are struck at work or with friends. The apps are made to run on Android and iOS platforms. This makes them usable for the majority of the population. On most occasions, the official site will hold information about the apps or they can be downloaded directly from the app stores.

FAQs about Sports Betting in West Virginia

What about the legal status of a sportsbook in West Virginia?

The sportsbook in West Virginia will be backed up by the West Virginia Lottery Commission.

What is the minimum age of bettors accepted in WV?

A bettor should be at least 21 years old for being eligible to open an account at any of the sportsbooks in West Virginia. This requirement is set by the WV Lottery Commission.

Is the payment made to the platform safe?

The banking options offered by sportsbooks in West Virginia only make use of the trusted and safe platforms. Some of the options available are credit cards, debit cards, electronic wallets, bank transfers, and check.

Is there safety for players and their data?

The sportsbooks at West Virginia have to comply with strict rules and regulations laid out by the WV Lottery Commission.

Are offshore sites legal for betting purposes?

Offshore betting sites are not fully legal. There is a grey area that has not been acknowledged by the law. As a result, it is advisable for players to stay away from offshore betting sites even if some of the options are safe.

Can players request Cash Out for bets made in the state?

Yes, Cash Out is a feature that is offered by all sportsbooks in West Virginia. It allows bettors to come out of their selection even before it concludes.

Are there teams in West Virginia to back?

No, West Virginia does not have any professional teams involved in sports. However, the state does not place any restrictions when it comes to placing wagers on in-state school events.

Is it possible to use PayPal as a banking option?

PayPal is one of the highly regarded e-wallets in the world. Even though the platform is supported by different online casinos and sportsbooks, it is important to check its availability from a specific sportsbook before deciding to choose the platform.

Who can assist users in the event of a problem?

If users are experiencing a problem with a casino or sportsbook, they can seek the customer support team at the respective institutions. If the matter is not resolved, the user can raise the issue with the West Virginia Lottery, which will direct officials to resolve the matter.

Do players get to experience bonuses?

Since the competition remains fierce the online gambling industry, sportsbooks continue to offer a string of bonuses that would help players extract more value.